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Formed in 1996 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Shins are an American indie rock band. Currently, the band consists of James Mercer on vocals, Mark Watrous and Casey Foubert on guitar, Yuuki Matthews on bass, Patti King on Keyboards and Jon Sortland on drums. They issued their debut single 'Nature Bears a Vacuum' in 1998 via Omnibus Records. This was swiftly followed by a tour with Modest Mouse. It was during a period of intense depression that lead singer Mercer penned the band's debut album. Demos of the completed project were sent to SubPop Records, in Seattle and garnered a great deal of interest. Their debut album called 'Oh, Inverted World' came out in 2001, 3 years after their initial single release. The song 'New Slang' from the album was featured in a McDonald's advert and although it drew criticism from the press, meant the band were able to relocate to Portland, Oregon and work on new material. This is where the group built a basement studio and wrote and recorded their second album 'Chutes Too Narrow' released in 2003. It was their first album to actually chart and ranked at 86 on Billboard. 2 years later Mercer began work on the third album 'Wincing The Night Away' but release of this was pushed back by 2 years, due to a painful relationship break up which inspired much of the record in the end. By 2008 Mercer felt he needed time out from the band and went on to work on a number of different side projects including a partnership with Brian Burton called Broken Bells. 'Port of Morrow', was Shins fourth album in 2012, but Mercer was the only original member of the line up to contribute. In 2016, the group's current incarnation recorded their fifth album, which Mercer felt owed more to their earlier work. Shins' earlier work. Finally released in 2017, 'Heartworm' gained plaudits and the band staged a small comeback tour to promote it.

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